Golang Project Structure

Tips and tricks for writing and structuring Go code

Musical Note Board

The board below allows you to play all twelve notes of the chromatic scale, which is the basis of the entire Western system of music. You can use the notes to build melodies.

You can also use your computer’s keyboard to play the notes:

  • to play note C, press key A;
  • to play note C♯ / D♭, press key W;
  • to play note D, press key S;
  • to play note D♯ / E♭, press key E;
  • to play note E, press key D;
  • to play note F, press key F;
  • to play note F♯ / G♭, press note T;
  • to play note G, press key G;
  • to play note G♯ / A♭, press key Y;
  • to play note A, press key H;
  • to play note A♯ / B♭, press key U;
  • to play note B, press key J.

Click with your mouse somewhere on the musical board before using your keyboard to play notes.

Now, without further ado, let’s create some beautiful music: