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Why Ezoic Is the Best Ad Network To Make Money From Content Online


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You may have seen the advertisements that are automatically placed into various sections on many of the pages of this website.

The team at Ezoic handles all that for me, allowing me to focus on writing about the things that I care about and sharing what I’ve learnt about coding with other Go developers.

The logo of the Ezoic ad network.
Ezoic’s logo, shown above, contains a stylized version of a lowercase letter E.

So I want to discuss the frankly impressive service provided by Ezoic — and how it could help you boost advertising revenue for any websites you run — before giving you the opportunity to join the ad network for yourself.

What Are Advertisers and Publishers?

If you monetize a website with Ezoic, you will be known as a publisher, since you’ll be creating content online that companies will bid for their adverts to appear alongside.

On the other hand, each company that bids is called an advertiser.

So all publishers on Ezoic ultimately earn their income from advertisers, and advertisers, in turn, rely on publishers to provide them with attractive places to display their ads.

Ezoic helps to connect the two groups, so that they can gain from each other.

How Is Ezoic Backed by AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has always played an important role in Ezoic’s service, helping website owners to improve their sites’ performance and user experience.

The use of its AI technology allows Ezoic to deliver a completely bespoke experience for every user when selecting which ads are the most relevant to display.

How Does Ezoic Use AI to Optimize the Placement of Ads on a Website?

The AI system analyzes user behaviour — such as patterns of engagement and scrolling — in order to determine the best position and size for each advert. This results in improved click-through rates (CTR) and revenue for website owners.

In addition to putting ads in the best places, Ezoic can also optimize your own website content, producing better user engagement. The system is able to test many slightly different variations of the same content and determine which version performs best.

When determining the most engaging content, Ezoic’s system will look at factors such as as how long visitors stay on a page and what they parts of the page they tend to click on.

How Long of a Track Record Does Ezoic Have?

Ezoic was founded in 2010 and has very quickly grown to become one of the largest ad networks in the world.

The American entrepreneur Dwayne Lafleur created the company after experimenting with an earlier ad network that provided ads for Facebook publishers. When asked about the origin of Ezoic, he said:

The “ah-ha” moment came when I realized that after great content, page layout — where the content and the ads are located on the page and their relationship to one another — was the most important thing a publisher could change to improve user experience and earnings.

Ezoic now has over 20,000 publishers signed up, and those numbers are only expected to grow in the coming years.

How Does Ezoic Monitor Traffic?

Ezoics has its very own analytics engine, similar to Google Analytics, that allows you to understand your website’s audience better.

The screenshot below shows the traffic for this website over a six-month period last year, displayed on Ezoic’s analytics page:

Ezoic analytics graph, showing the traffic for this website.
Ezoic’s analytics engine is extremely useful for monitoring traffic patterns.

As you can see, the traffic for this website was growing steadily, but it was relatively modest and there remained room for further growth. This website isn’t my main source of income, so I hadn’t focused as heavily on growing the pageviews as fast as I could have, but current traffic levels are already significantly higher than they were back in 2022, and I am expecting views to increase further as I add more content over the next few months.

Nonetheless, I earned income from the very first day that I joined Ezoic, so I’m confident that I will continue to earn a steady stream of regular income every month from Ezoic, and there’s a high probability that my earnings will grow considerably. My aim is, at least, to double my earnings in 2023, which seems like a very reasonable and attainable target.

Ezoic’s analytics engine makes it easy to track how many visitors your website has, but you can also get detailed information about which part of the world your users come from, what time of the day they tend to visit and even what the weather is like where they live (perhaps you’ll find out they visit more when it’s raining outside, for instance).

Are Minimum Levels of Traffic Required for Joining Ezoic?

Many of the most popular ad networks have a minimum level of traffic that’s required before you can join their platform.

Sometimes there is a minimum number of visitors per month — in the form of unique sessions — or else a minimum number of page views, regardless of how many of these came from the same user.

Until recently, Ezoic had a minimum traffic requirement of 10,000 unique sessions per month. That requirement was necessary because Ezoic’s AI system works better when a website has a large number of visitors, providing the system with a large amount of data to analyse.

However, as Ezoic’s system has become more advanced and as more publishers have joined, this requirement has now been lifted, and even websites with a very small amount of traffic can join the program, using Ezoic to optimize their revenue as they grow.

Can I Join Ezoic If I’ve Been Banned From Google AdSense?

It is not necessary to have a Google AdSense account to join Ezoic, however, if you do already have one, then it must be in good standing.

If you have been suspended or banned from AdSense in the past, you will generally not be allowed to join Ezoic.

This is a sensible policy, because it helps to ensure that the publishers who do work with Ezoic are likely to earn income fairly and responsibly, without attempting to break the rules.

Does Ezoic Require Traffic to Come From Certain Countries?

Some ad networks have requirements for a certain percentage of a website’s traffic to come from certain geographic areas. These locations will generally be in developed countries that have more established marketing industries and wealthier consumers who can produce advertising revenue.

These countries targeted could, for example, include the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Map of countries with high-income economies.
The map above shows countries that are determined to have high-income economies,
using data released by the World Bank in 2019.

It’s important to know that Ezoic does not insist that traffic should come from certain parts of the world. However, like other ad networks, Ezoic will tend to pay less for visitors that originate from some countries where companies don’t have as much money available to spend on marketing.

In extreme cases, it may not be possible to earn any ad income from users in certain countries. For example, this website gets a certain amount of traffic from web developers in Russia. However, Ezoic is not able to monetize this traffic, because of international sanctions placed on that country after the invasion of Ukraine. All ad networks based in Western countries have to comply with these rules, so Ezoic is being held to exactly the same standards as other major networks.

The bottom line is that publishers are able to earn money from views that come from the vast majority of countries around the world — although views from developed countries will generally be worth more.

How Does Ezoic Measure Earnings?

Because of its advanced use of AI technology to put the right ads in the right places, Ezoic is able to pay some of the very best rates of any ad network.

However, there is not a single standard rate that determines how much a publisher will be paid with Ezoic, since everything depends on how attractive your website is to advertisers and whether they are bidding against each other for your ad space.

The standardized metric that Ezoic uses for measuring earnings is called EPMV. It stands for Earnings Per Mille Visitors — mille is just another word for a thousand, so the metric is also sometimes called Earnings Per Thousand Visitors, and it measures how much each publisher earns for every thousand views that their website gets.

Google AdSense has a very similar metric to EPMV, but it is known by them as Revenue Per Thousand Impressions.

What Can an Average Publisher Expect to Earn With Ezoic?

A site that has recently been created, contains little content and isn’t well optimized could earn as little as two or three dollars for every 1,000 pageviews with Ezoic.

However, the scope for greater earnings is immense. An established site with an attractive niche, good SEO and premium ads could easily earn between $50 and $100 per thousand views.

The average publisher currently earns between $10 and $20 for every thousand views with Ezoic, which is a very respectable EPMV to aim for, especially considering that Google AdSense will often pay less than half that rate.

If you do some quick arithmetic (1,000 multiplied by 1,000), you will see that your website only needs a million views per year in order to earn an annual income of $10,000 at an EPMV of $10.

Yes, that may sound like a big number, but if you think in terms of days rather than a whole year, then that only amounts to around 2,738 views per day (1,000,000 divided by 365.25), which is easily achievable for publishers who are willing to put in the work and create content that attracts a reasonable audience.

Once you’ve managed to build up that audience, it will require much less work in future to maintain it, so those earnings can be considered a form of passive income.

Try Ezoic for Yourself

Now that you’ve heard what I’ve had to say about the ad network, if you think that Ezoic could help you earn more money on your own website, then you can click here to join their program.

If you use the link above to join Ezoic and are successful in your application, you will be provided with immediate access to the ad network, without having to be placed on a waiting list. In addition, I will receive a small affiliate commission to reward me for helping the company to support more people, but this will be paid from Ezoic’s marketing budget: you will receive exactly the same level of earnings as if you’d joined via any other route. I can promise you that I wouldn’t even have considered writing this post if I didn’t genuinely believe that Ezoic is, by far, the best ad network currently available for web-content publishers. I’ve discussed above some of the reasons why I believe that to be the case, but don’t feel that you have to take my word for it: try it out for yourself and discover just how easy it is to monetize your own website and increase your earnings.

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