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Overview of JavaScript Promises

Two girls performing a "pinky promise" ritual with their hands.

Have you ever found yourself writing JavaScript code that becomes difficult to read because there are so many nested callbacks? Or do you get frustrated when your browser becomes unresponsive as it struggles to perform long-running operations in client-side code? Well, promises are designed to solve those problems! In this post we will discuss exactly […]

Creating My First WordPress Plugin With JavaScript

This post will document my very first foray into developing a WordPress plugin, which is used on this website. The majority of the code is contained within a single JavaScript file. Why Do I Use WordPress? The blog runs on WordPress. I’ve created other websites and blogs in the past for which I wrote all […]

What Is Conway’s Game of Life?

This post will discuss the Game of Life, which is: a zero-player game, famous in the history of computing; a cellular automaton; a deterministic system that follows a simple ruleset; a creation of the British mathematician John Conway. Don’t worry if you don’t entirely understand what all those terms mean, because we’re going to go […]

Can You Identify the National Flags of the World?

I wanted to create a fairly simple game, which would be fun to play but quick to build, so that I could upload it to Itch, the popular website that allows users to host their own indie games. My intention was to try and find out how easy — or hard — the process would […]

Reversing a Slice

Slices in Go are equivalent to the data structures known as dynamic arrays or vectors in other programming languages. They simply allow us to collect data of the same type together, making it easy to access and pass around. Sometimes you may want to reverse the current order of your data, and this post discusses […]