Golang Project Structure

Tips and tricks for writing and structuring Go code



Nine Reasons Why Your Passwords Are Awful

Passwords provide access to many of the websites and online services that we use on a daily basis. It is, therefore, important to ensure that our passwords are secure and less prone to attack by anyone who may wish to do you harm. This post will discuss nine mistakes that you or others may be […]

Hash Functions in Go

This post will explain what hash functions are and how they’re used. We will then go on to look at some examples of hashing algorithms in Go code. Finally, we will look at importing external packages that export hash functions, including from the standard library. What Is a Hash Function? A hash function takes data […]

How to Generate Safe and Secure Passwords

There are many services online that will claim to create unique, reliable and secure passwords for you, but can you trust other people’s code? It’s hard to know. Often you can trust the largest and most popular websites, but sometimes there are bugs or even intentional backdoors that will expose your generated passwords to the […]