Golang Project Structure

Tips and tricks for writing and structuring Go code



Living Through the Crypto Crash

I want to discuss the recent crypto crash and its potential implications, so I’m going to take a short diversion from my usual approach of providing programming advice and code examples with this post. Understandably, the rapid fall in the valuations of cryptocurrencies is a topic that interests many of us who work in the […]

Representing Money in the Go Programming Language

If you’re building a web app or program that handles sales from customers, you may need to find a reliable way of representing money in Golang. There’s no single way to do it, since the language does not have a primitive type that is intended to hold monetary values. In this post, I will go […]

Scraping Stock Market Prices With Impressive Ease

Global stock markets increasingly affect everyone’s lives, whether we like it or not. Investors seek financial returns from profitable companies, and workers may find it easier to bargain for new jobs or pay rises when the markets are riding high, at least if they possess the sorts of skills that are in demand. Economists and […]