Golang Project Structure

Tips and tricks for writing and structuring Go code



What Is Conway’s Game of Life?

This post will discuss the Game of Life, which is: a zero-player game, famous in the history of computing; a cellular automaton; a deterministic system that follows a simple ruleset; a creation of the British mathematician John Conway. Don’t worry if you don’t entirely understand what all those terms mean, because we’re going to go […]

Can You Identify the National Flags of the World?

I wanted to create a fairly simple game, which would be fun to play but quick to build, so that I could upload it to Itch, the popular website that allows users to host their own indie games. My intention was to try and find out how easy — or hard — the process would […]

Creating Cool Games With Ebiten

The Ebiten game framework was written by Japanese software engineer Hajime Hoshi. The framework is designed to make it easier for Go programmers to create native-looking 2D games, by taking care of all the boilerplate code for us. (Note that since I first wrote this post, Ebiten has been renamed to Ebitengine.) Installing the Ebiten […]

Drawing an Awesome Chessboard in Go

Since chess is one of the oldest games in the world, the black-and-white chessboard is an instantly recognizable design. It originated in Asia around 1,500 years ago. In this post, we’ll create an image of a chessboard in the Go programming language. But we’ll gradually think through the problems involved before we actually draw it. […]