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What Is Conway’s Game of Life?

This post will discuss the Game of Life, which is: a zero-player game, famous in the history of computing; a cellular automaton; a deterministic system that follows a simple ruleset; a creation of the British mathematician John Conway. Don’t worry if you don’t entirely understand what all those terms mean, because we’re going to go […]

Can You Identify the National Flags of the World?

I wanted to create a fairly simple game, which would be fun to play but quick to build, so that I could upload it to Itch, the popular website that allows users to host their own indie games. My intention was to try and find out how easy — or hard — the process would […]

What We’ve Been Waiting For: Generics in Go

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It’s been a long time coming and it’s caused a certain degree of controversy among Gophers, but now we know, at last, that it’s really happening. Generics have been included in a beta version of Go 1.18, which was just released this week. What Are Generics? In a strictly typed language like Go, every argument […]